Sunday, 19 December 2010

Bogota Columbia Training

I have been training and racing in Bogota Columbia. I am very impressed to see how this country is so involved into para-sports. People in wheelchair have very active lives. I see them everywhere, on the sidewalks, in the gym, shopping in the big centers. They do not lock themselves into there houses. It is a pleasure to be training amongst you. Here are some pics of this wonderful place. This weekend Gold for Me, in crit on Bogata roads!!!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


With my winter training around the corner, I want to thank my Major Sponsors and sponsors for the help they are giving me achieve my Goals, 2012 London. Thanks!!!
This year I will be training in Bogota Columbia, at an altitude of 2600m. I think this will help greatly my performance for the coming year.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Worlds Baie Comeau 2010

Worlds 2010 Baie Comeau Québec. The hardest Paracycling race in the world. I'm a bit disappionted of my resaults, 12th time trail ,13th road race. It was a coarse for the smaller buys. The winners wieghed 30 lbs littler, no way to compete, the hill was to steep and could not be climbed in strenght, so wieght was a facture. It was a beautiful event, well organized especially that the organizers had 6 months to prepare and the sun was with us. I'm happy to here that the World's next year will be in Denmark on a flat course, as well the Paralympic Games 2012 giving me a very good chance for Gold. Now 1 week rest eating all I want, mmmmmmm. I will see with my finance , maybe a race on the European circuit this fall. Thanks for all your support.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Canadian Nationals

Canadian Champ for my 6th year in a row. Nice and hot. It was a good weekend for me, a nice preparation for Worlds coming up in August. All races were in hard hills, the time trail was a 20kl circuit with 2 ten kl loops. I started strong being the fastest rider on the first loop but my arms bonked out on the 2nd, finishing 2nd in my category by 12 sec. The road race was great, but very hard, 40kl with 8 five kl loops. There was a 2 kl climb every loop. I attacked at the start and over lapped everybody by the end of the race, my arms felt great. Now a couple of days off, then to Baie Comeau for a training camp with the Canadian Team.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

World Cup, Segovia Spain

Back from a cold and rainy World Cup. The weather was not with us, we had to race in cold and rainy conditions. I bring back a Silver Medal on the team time trail. The course was very hilly with lots of cornering. Then came the road race , poring rain at the start line with wet cobblestones on the course, nice combination. I even went though a puddle of water that looked more like a lake. I was blocked just before the sprint and lost the 3 riders that were in front. Had to make a 1 1/2 kl sprint for the line in no mans land finishing 6 th. And finally, 4th at the time trail, very fast course with a dragging section. Canadians in 2 weeks.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Hello, back from the time trail of hell.
May 15th, Schenkon Swiss was the hardest time trail of my life. It was 6 degree's under a poring sky, a 21 kl time trail around the lake on a rolling circuit. I had to do my warm-up in the cold rain, by then I was frozen at my start. It was raining so much that I had trouble to see the road causing me to put the brakes a couple of time taking away the podium from me. I finished 5 th, all the top in the world were at the venue. Next race June,World Cup in Spain.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Défi Sportif Montreal

No pic for the moment, so an old one will do.
DÉfi Sportif MTL, another win for me. Winning the time trail in my category was nice being the first races here in Canada. The road race was exiting, the riders have trained hard last winter. The race was a 48kl race under a nice worm climate. It took 25 kl to be able to make a split, I had to attack after attack, finally the bake, then it was an Ontarian and I till the line. The officials made a mix up with the bell so we had to sprint two times. I wasn't very happy with that. The out come was the same, I was the Best. Next race Swiss on the 15th of May.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Roseneau France 2010

Great race Roseneau France. It was cold, cloudy with a couple of rain drops. The race was very fast, Vitorio, Malouf and I were running the race. We were not able to brake up the 20 riders that had fallowed the brake away. This is on a flat course with some turn around, very dangerous race, bikes hitting one another every so often. I was on the straight away riding 45 kl hr and thought I could make it to the line, but 100meters from the finish I was caught and finished 11th running out of power at sprint. I am very happy with my race braking the circuit time by over one minute. I raced 44kl in 1:08.40. next race Swiss. I will have to use less muscle and more brains next race.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Race George SA

Just returned from the race in George South Africa. It was a hot day, 34 degres. The road was rough with some cornering, lost some time because they had us pass in a parking where the major sponsor had his venue. 10.5 false climb, 10.5 desent, 2 loops. I attact from the begining riding the 42kl coarse as a time trial in 1:12.57. I finished 1st place with a Gold Medle, 2nd was Stuart from SA, 3rd Keni from Irland. It was well organized, lots of midea and toped off with a big party afterwards. Shape whise I'm where I want to be, ready for my next race in Roseneau France on the 3rd of April.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

South Africa Training

RICO MORNEAU UPDATE: "Had a race this weekend in South Africa next to Stellenbosch with the SA team. I won the 16kl hilly course in 26.48. The guys are wonderful around here. The sport complex I'm liveing in is great."

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Cuba Training, 2009

Cuba training 2009 was great. The weather was perfect, the people wonderful. It was nice to have my girlfriend there for 2 weeks. I feel great and bringing my shape for the next year up to par. 2010, off to South Africa to finish my winter training. I wish everybody a Happy New Year.