Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Worlds 2011 Roskilde (DEN)

Sorry for not writing before but Worlds 2011 was not that good. It was a big disappointment for me. I trained very hard , by the book, I sacrificed so much. Canada Team made a lot of mistakes and I ended paying for it. We arrived one day before Worlds to put our bikes together and do a fast loop of the coarse. We did not have time to recuperate from jet lag. The training camp before departure over trained me. We were put 1 hour away from the venue , so much traveling and so on. The coach admitted his errors but that did not give me my Medals. Worse is I even lost my grants for the year. I will have to struggle financially to make it to the Games in London. I finished top 10 in Time Tail, did not finish road race and the relay was canceled for Canada Team. I needed some time to absorb all this. I heard that a great sportsman is judged not by the hits he gives but rather by how he can get up after being hit. I am back to training preparing for Pan am Games in Mexico this November.