Saturday, 26 November 2011

Pan Am Games Gaurdalajara Mexico 2011

Bronze at Panam Games. For this late in the season it is acceptable, 4th in road race. My arms were very tired, gave all I had left. The athletes village was great. Mexico did a very nice job receiving us. The coarse downtown was very rough, never bounced around so much, but the city center was beautiful. Now a very deserved rest, then back to training for next year. Will be off to Columbia for winter training.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Worlds 2011 Roskilde (DEN)

Sorry for not writing before but Worlds 2011 was not that good. It was a big disappointment for me. I trained very hard , by the book, I sacrificed so much. Canada Team made a lot of mistakes and I ended paying for it. We arrived one day before Worlds to put our bikes together and do a fast loop of the coarse. We did not have time to recuperate from jet lag. The training camp before departure over trained me. We were put 1 hour away from the venue , so much traveling and so on. The coach admitted his errors but that did not give me my Medals. Worse is I even lost my grants for the year. I will have to struggle financially to make it to the Games in London. I finished top 10 in Time Tail, did not finish road race and the relay was canceled for Canada Team. I needed some time to absorb all this. I heard that a great sportsman is judged not by the hits he gives but rather by how he can get up after being hit. I am back to training preparing for Pan am Games in Mexico this November.

Monday, 1 August 2011

STS Nutrition!!!!

STS Sport Nutrition, a ONE STOP for serious Athlets!!!!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

World Cup Baie Comeau Québec

World Cup Baie Comeau last weekend. It was a hard coarse with intermitent rain but I am still happy with the resaults. Bronze Medal in Team Time Trial, we lost Silver by 6 seconds. 4 th in road race that finished in a sprint between the 4th and 5th possision, 6th in time trial. For this very hilly coarse over all I'm Glad. Now rest and prepare for Worlds in Denmark next September.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Canadian Championships 2011, 7 Time Canadian Champ!!!

Just back from Nationals, 7 Time Canadian Camp!!!

I was in good shape, time trial was very hard being in the hills, up and down. I finished 1st in my category by over one min.

Then the road race was yesterday , Saturday. It was very hot and our race was delayed, so sitting in the heat was not very fun.

In the 2nd turn of a 5 turn race me and a H3 took off and did the race together. They mixed all categories.

I finished 1st in my category and very happy with Nationals one more year.

Next weekend World Cup Baie Comeau Québec.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Drummondville Triathlon

This weekend was the Drummondville Triathlon. I raced for Chaussure Mille-Pattes winning Gold. I had a great team. I raced the 20kl TT passing many riders over 40kl per hour, they did not imagine that a arm ridden bike could go that fast. It filled in my calender giving me a good training for the Nationals next week , then World Cup Baie Comeau the week later. It just proves that If you want you can and it is not a handicap that will slow you down.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Top End Force X

Just came back with my new Force X from Top End. I think it is the best bike on the market this year. It's lite , stiff and corners really well. It was built to my measures, I melt into it. This will be a big piece in my success this year.

Monday, 9 May 2011

First UCI races of the year!!

The first UCI races of the year have started. There was 3 in Montreal and 2 in Sydney Australia. I did very well in Montreal winning 1st place in Blainville, 1st place in TT on the Gille villeneuve race track and 2nd on the same track at road race. The season is strating off very well. Then I packed my bike and left the next day for Australia, the flight was long and I raced upon my arrival. I did not recuperate well and finished 5th at the sprint for 4th place, the USA guy hit my back wheel to brake me down to get the advantage, what a loser! Then there was the TT where I finished 7th having no more arms to push. I was a bit disapionted with the Sydney races but I expected that with all the races before and the trip. Now I am off to Ottawa where I was invited by the Olympic commity for a 3 day conferance because they beleave I am a good contender for Medals in London 2012, all the Elite athelets in there division were invited. Once back home, training for Nationals and World Cup in Baie Comeau.