Thursday, 2 October 2014

New Sponsor,, Chaussures Mille-Pattes

Thank You Chaussures Mille-Pattes for believing in me,,


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Le Défi Cycliste IRDPQ

Merci la gang du IRDPQ pour la belle ride ce matin, 91kl,, meme ci il a eu un peut de pleurie,,,,Je croit que la Fondation Elan et bien contant,,,CYCLISME – Le Défi Cycliste IRDPQ (Institut de réadaptation en déficience physique de Québec) revient le 20 septembre 2014. La Fondation Élan invite cyclistes et paracyclistes à se dépasser pour récolter des fonds pour le sport adapté. 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

42 kl Victo Crit Quebec

Pic of my final race of the year here in Canada, Victoria Ville Quebec. Was a bit chilly this morning but the sun finally came out. Crit was fun, lots of people looking on,,,Happy Camper, ,,,, Yesss Gold

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Provincials Bromont Quebec 2014

Provincial Championships. Beautiful day here. All top Canadians were there. Felt good, well prepared. My training is to be at my best at this time of the year and finish strong,, so , Rico 1st, Charles 2nd, Mark 3rd,,, in H3 devision So I keep the Quebec jeursy for another year,, yessss

Saturday, 2 August 2014

World Cup Segovia Spian 2014

Nice and hot here in Spain. But that did not help me yesterday. After one lap with lead group,, flat back tire. All this effort, this is sport. So feeling a bit sad this morning. Any ways, there is a lot worst happening in this word so what do I have to complain,,,,,,  This was my feelings last weekend. I am getting over it and back training for Provincials next weekend. So World Cup Spian was not a succes. Let see what happens Saturday....

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Canadian Championship, Lac Megantic Quebec, 2014

Photo: Day 2 of championnat canadien !!!
Canadian Championship was a brutal one. Hills , Hills and more Hills. Weather was nice with us, stopped raining before race.  TT over with, finished 3rd my category, 4th overall. VERY HAPPY with my resaults on this very tough coarse. What a road race... it was beautiful and had a great start. 3 of us took off solo on the first climb. All was going good till a turn around before another hill. My chain came off, tried to put it back on with no success. When I finally got it on the 2 others were long gone. Not fun!!! So tried my best to catch them but not possible. Finished 3rd in my category. A bit disappointed! !!! Next race World Cup Segovia Spain in July. I will have a  good preparation and hopefully no mistakes. I am very glad with my progretion this year, the future looks bright,,,,, Thanks to my daughter Jade that helped me all week and took the lovely pics,,

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Granby TT 2014

Great TT in Granby Québec, was the first race in Canada where the weather was nice to us... Sun was out, 19 degress with a face wind on the start. Good warm-up, felt good and off I was. Made the fastest time on this coarse.. Gold for me.. So now time to prepare for Nationals,,,

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Defi Sportif Montreal

What a weekend. Saturday a mix of rain and sun. I finished 3rd, TT, in my category, not bad on account it was more a training then a peak for this weekend. Sunday, 5 degrees with lots of rain, not to fun. Gold in road race, felt good. To bad some of the guys pulled out on account of the weather. next race Granby PQ.
Congrats to these champs!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

UCI race in Barsolona Spain,,,

Just back from a great week in Spain. The weather was wonderful and the riders all exited. After lots of travels this month and a very bad infection, I was able to finish 4th in TT and 5th at the sprint in road race. It was a nice event and having the road race next to the sea was awsome.. Next race Montreal Canada in May,,,,,

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

UCI Race ABu Dhabi,,, Bronze for Me !!

Just back from Race in Abu Dhabi, Formula 1 cercuit,, Windy day but nice and hot...3rd place in road race,, 4th in TT, had back disc, was not to good.. Ambrosio Wheels did the job in road race..
This was a nice race trip,, organizer spoiled us,,, Thanks.   Shape is back !!!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

                  Ambrosio Wheels came in this week,,, ready for race in Dubai next week,,, yesss

Monday, 10 February 2014

Melbourne Florida Marathon 2014

Just back from Melbourne Marathon, was a beautiful day here in Florida,,The Organizers had it well prepared, Thumbs up. As for me,, after taking a roung road in one of the resedentials areas, lost the front pack that had 20, 30 seconda on me, so was not a happy camper. I still finish 3rd in my category, 2nd Canadian in my category,, Ledo as usual won the race with Moreau not to far behind. Not sure , offical time will come out tomorrow, 7th overall,, . So now I know what I have to work on,, the year has begone,,yessss