Monday, 15 June 2009

Race Oenssingen Suisse

Just back from an exiting race in Oensingen Suisse. There was over 150 riders, 55 in my category. The weather was nice but there was a strong wind making thing a bit harder. It was a 70kl race, four other cyclist and I attacked 20kl before the finished. We attacked in a head on wind. There was just three of us working, the two German guys were drafting in back. The Suisse rider took off on his own 5 kl before the end leaving me and the Italian to do all the work. It finished at the sprint with the German riders all rested up, I landed the fourth position and Vitorio the Italian guy 5th. The second group of riders arrived over 2minutes after us. I would like to thank my Sponsors for permiting me to participate in this event, espeacialy GoodLeaf's Auto Parts.