Friday, 2 October 2009

London 2012 Paralympic Games

London 2012 Paralympic Games

Thanks for your interest in my career. London 2012 is around the corner. There is a big price tag to this achievment, so if you can help me out please send a donatoin to 1 Alpherie-Beaulieu #2 Sainte Martine Québec, J0S1V0. Or use the PayPal DONATE button on the right. Thanks of being part of my Success.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Paracycling Worlds Bogono Italy

Finishing another year of training and racing on a good note, Bronze Medal at the Worlds In Bogono Italy. I had a great year, will be taking a couple of weeks to relax before starting another year of awesome racing. The weather was nice all week, the course pretty hilly. I had 3 races, TT 20 kl was hard, felt my arms were not up to par finishing 9th. Road race 60 kl it was fast and exiting but noticed that in the hills the lighter climbers had an advantage after the 5th climb, so finished 10th. Then was the TTT where I finished Bronze Medal, I did the 2nd fastest time after Manfred Putz from Austria in my category. The plan for next year is to lose another 14 pounds to be able to climb like a mountain goat. Thanks to all my sponsors to permit me to achieve my performances, if it was not for you I could not go on. THANK-YOU!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Québec Championships

Gold all the way!!!!!!!!!! The time trail was in Mandeville Quebec, the circuit was around the Lake Maskinonger; Very hilly. I won by 3 min to my closest rival Mark Beggs who was mad and did not stay for the Medal ceremonies. Then the road race in Saint Lazare, went very well. I started off with the group to encourage them and then took off for the last 13 kl as a time trail.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Piacenza International Paracycling Cup Italy

Back from two exiting races in Piacenza International Paracycling Cup Italy. The Crit was hot and hard, ruining 20 laps making a 48 kl race. I and Vitorio took off early in the race, finishing at the sprint. I lost by one sec. I started the sprint to early and choked at the end. Then the time trial, it was a 20 kl loop with about 10 corners and some up hills. It was fast haft the way, on the return a false up flat with a good wind. I train in the wind often in Saint Martine, so it helped me stay concentrated. I finish 27 sec before the second rider, Vitorio Podesta, Silver Medalist in China Last year so GOLD FOR Me,,,,,,,,yessssssssssssss. Now a little rest before the Worlds in Bogono Italy in September.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Louny Race Czech

The top in the world were here in Louny Czech. It was a 15kl UCI Time Tial. Up and down circuit with a head wind on the way back. Well rested and felt good during the race. I was very Happy when they announced my Silver Medal. Next Race in Italy on the 24, 25 July.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Canadian Championships

Back from the Nationals in Beauce Québec as Canadian Champ in Road and Time Trial.
I whipped everybody butts. It was a cool weekend with a bit of rain. I felt strong, I won with over 1 min in time trail and close to 5 min in road race. Being a hilly circuit I thought I might work a bit harder, but I guess the weight I lost had a good effect on my performance. Next race Louny Cezch 11, 12, /07.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Race Oenssingen Suisse

Just back from an exiting race in Oensingen Suisse. There was over 150 riders, 55 in my category. The weather was nice but there was a strong wind making thing a bit harder. It was a 70kl race, four other cyclist and I attacked 20kl before the finished. We attacked in a head on wind. There was just three of us working, the two German guys were drafting in back. The Suisse rider took off on his own 5 kl before the end leaving me and the Italian to do all the work. It finished at the sprint with the German riders all rested up, I landed the fourth position and Vitorio the Italian guy 5th. The second group of riders arrived over 2minutes after us. I would like to thank my Sponsors for permiting me to participate in this event, espeacialy GoodLeaf's Auto Parts.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Granby Race

Raced a time trail in Granby Québec, another Gold; yessssssssss. It was a rainy day , I felt good and well prepared. The road was pretty banged-up and the 18o degree turn did not help my average but I won by 39 seconds on my closest rival.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Défi Sportif

Back from a weekend of racing in the context of the Défi Sportif. It was a cold and windy one, but no rain; a change from past years. I won all 3 races, it was a had start. The 2 first races my body had to adjust to the colder weather on account of my training in Cuba all winter. I won them both but Mark Beggs my closest rival gave me a good run. The 3rd race was a bit warmer, my body was well tuned and I won by 1min 7sec cruising down the Gille Villneuve Circuit crossing the finish line at 43kl hr. I won the overall making me the Défi Champ for the 4th year in a row, not bad for a 46 year old Man. So if any of my readers think they are to old to continue to keep in shape, I hope I can give you some motivation. Granby Race next week.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Training camp in Cuba

I'm back from 4 months of training in Cuba. I want to thank my sponsors for there help, giving me the opportunity of have quality training and making me a better Athlete. It's nice to be back. Training went very well, met some very nice cyclists on the way, specially Sylviane a lovely person whom I'm going out with now. I'm ready for another year of Racing. Here are some pics of people I met in Cuba.