Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Paracycling Worlds Bogono Italy

Finishing another year of training and racing on a good note, Bronze Medal at the Worlds In Bogono Italy. I had a great year, will be taking a couple of weeks to relax before starting another year of awesome racing. The weather was nice all week, the course pretty hilly. I had 3 races, TT 20 kl was hard, felt my arms were not up to par finishing 9th. Road race 60 kl it was fast and exiting but noticed that in the hills the lighter climbers had an advantage after the 5th climb, so finished 10th. Then was the TTT where I finished Bronze Medal, I did the 2nd fastest time after Manfred Putz from Austria in my category. The plan for next year is to lose another 14 pounds to be able to climb like a mountain goat. Thanks to all my sponsors to permit me to achieve my performances, if it was not for you I could not go on. THANK-YOU!

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