Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Race Val D'oixo Spain

Dec 14th I had a race in Val D'oixo Spain. The top contenders of the World were there. It was sunny and 14 degrees. I was in very good shape for this time of the year and pulled most of the race with some attacts. I won the Bronze Medal beating the Silver medalist in China, Vitorio Podesta. We all had a good time seeing each other again, the final dinner paid by the organizer in a cave restaurant was wonderful closing off this race with a smile.

I'm off to train in Cuba for the winter on Dec. 19 till April 11, to start another great year of racing.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Life After!!

I was left paraplegic after a car accident in 2003. Life goes on, to prove it to my self, 3 month after my accident I went traveling to Paris France. I said if I can live there I can live anywhere. That next year I tied everything imaginable, from traveling, winter camping to building an adapted Motorcycle. I started handbike racing and today I'm the Canadian Champion, 9th at the Paralympic Games in China. So if some one wants to tell you, you can't do it, don't believe him, lol.

Canadian Champion

I'm Canadian Champion. This year was a very good year for me. I started off my year training in Spain for the winter, on my return I won the 3 races in the Défi Sportif here in Montreal. I won the Canadian Championships, Quebec Championships and finished 9th at the Paralympic Games in China. Being 1st here in Canada and 9th in the world is a pretty good start for me.

Paralympic Games

These were my first Paralympic Games. I finished 9th position in both races, Time Trial and Road Race. It was a hard circuit, very hilly. The lighter bodied had a good advantage. We were received as Kings, it was very well organized. I am training now for the Games in London, 2012.