Sunday, 10 August 2014

Provincials Bromont Quebec 2014

Provincial Championships. Beautiful day here. All top Canadians were there. Felt good, well prepared. My training is to be at my best at this time of the year and finish strong,, so , Rico 1st, Charles 2nd, Mark 3rd,,, in H3 devision So I keep the Quebec jeursy for another year,, yessss

Saturday, 2 August 2014

World Cup Segovia Spian 2014

Nice and hot here in Spain. But that did not help me yesterday. After one lap with lead group,, flat back tire. All this effort, this is sport. So feeling a bit sad this morning. Any ways, there is a lot worst happening in this word so what do I have to complain,,,,,,  This was my feelings last weekend. I am getting over it and back training for Provincials next weekend. So World Cup Spian was not a succes. Let see what happens Saturday....