Monday, 22 February 2010

Race George SA

Just returned from the race in George South Africa. It was a hot day, 34 degres. The road was rough with some cornering, lost some time because they had us pass in a parking where the major sponsor had his venue. 10.5 false climb, 10.5 desent, 2 loops. I attact from the begining riding the 42kl coarse as a time trial in 1:12.57. I finished 1st place with a Gold Medle, 2nd was Stuart from SA, 3rd Keni from Irland. It was well organized, lots of midea and toped off with a big party afterwards. Shape whise I'm where I want to be, ready for my next race in Roseneau France on the 3rd of April.


Élise said...

Félicitation Rico,

Poursuis ton rêve...donne de te nouvelles.

Élise xxx

Valesca Erlank said...

Well done in my hometown, very proud of all of you!Being one of the 12 women organizing this event every year, I hope you enjoyed it fully!

Well done on gold!hope we see you again next year !!