Friday, 1 June 2012

Races in Italy

Salut, it is nice and hot here in France where I am training and preparing for a World Cup in Spain.
First race in Piacenza Italy went well with the TT, 41. 295 kl average that gave me a 4th place. The road race was equally fast and was blocked at the sprint finishing 10th. I was lucky, the weather was nice all weekend. Then I was off to Rome Italy for the 1st World Cup. I finished 7th in TT and was crashed in road race, finishing 18th. I was not badly hurt just some scratches on the bike and body, with one deep wound on the elbow. Then I left for France where I am training in the Pyrenees, nice hills. The next Word Cup will be in Segovia Spain, between the 15, 17th of June.

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